comebackIt has been nearly 4 years since I posted here. Today, in the time of Corona and Complete lockdown, while I was thinking of ways to utilize this time productively, it just occurred to me that I must visit this very special place on the world wide web and also make a “comeback”.  There is so much to write about and what better way than to utilise the upcoming AtoZ challenge!

So here I am, revealing my theme for the A to Z challenge this year – Comeback!

During the challenge, I will try to fill in this space with all those special things I missed sharing over the years.

Stay Tuned and Stay Safe !








Is everyday a weekend after today?

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To work or not?

It is my last day at work today. Although brief (10 months with the current team but 2 years with this company) it has been the most exciting and memorable stint. Two years ago when I joined this company I knew this was the right career move, right place and right job for me and I am glad my instincts didn’t disappoint me. I am really sad to leave this place, but when I see the excitement with which family back home is awaiting our return I know it’s the right move to make.

I do not know what is in store for me when I return to India but just like I knew I was making the right choice two years ago, I know the decision I am (we as a family are) making now is the right one. A part of me thinks perhaps I should be a stay at home Mum for next few years so that I can devote more time to Bambi and together we can make more exciting and wonderful memories. Another part of me thinks I should perhaps continue to work for another few years  and I can still spend quality time with Bambi like the way I have been doing all this time. As much as I love motherhood, I also enjoy going to work. Motherhood and my career both are a big part of who I am. So, currently I am going round in circles not being able to decide whether to stay at home or join the workforce when we go to India. One thing is certain though, either option I choose, I know I will still be  Truly Happy!

As I write this post Bambi asks me if I am doing some ‘important work on the laptop‘? I reply, “No more going to office and so no more ‘important’ work on the laptop”. Very excitedly she replies –“Is everyday a weekend after today? Can we bake cakes every day then?” . Hmm…That’s exactly what I cannot decide child.

The Kind Cathy Caterpillar

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Cathy Caterpillar


Idea:  (Prompt): Oak Tree

Dictated by: The Little Author (Bambi).

Written by: Mum (Yours Truly) just as dictated.

Me: Once upon a time there was a big Oak tree.

Bambi: On the tree lived a tiny caterpillar. She was called Cathy Caterpillar.

Me: One day she saw a large leaf and thought, ” Ooh! A lovely big leaf! I can munch on it all day.”

Bambi: Nooo, Cathy was a kind Caterpillar. She didn’t munch on Mr Oak’s leaves. 

Me: What did she eat then?

Bambi: Only fruits and vegetables.

Me: But the Oak tree doesn’t have fruits and vegetables.

Bambi: That’s why Cathy moved house. 

Me: Where to? Tesco?

Bambi: No, Cathy moved to the Caterpillar World.

Me: Caterpillar world! Hmm.. Interesting! What’s that?

Bambi: In the Caterpillar World there are lots of vegetables and fruits. So Caterpillars don’t have to eat leaves from the trees. 

Me: (wondering what next) 

Bambi: Cathy ate lots of fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch in her cocoon and soon she became a beautiful butterfly. 

Me: Great!

Bambi: One morning she went back to the Oak tree and laid an egg on a leaf. After many days a tiny caterpillar came out of that egg. Her name was Rosie. She was also kind like her Mommy. So she went to the Caterpillar World. Her family was happy to see her.  THE END


Nice to note transformation of the Caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly and beyond. Thanks to Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Once we were done with the story, I thought I could get Bambi to do some painting and so suggested:

Me: How about you illustrating your story now? 

Bambi: Can you please ask Axel Scheffler* to do that?  This story is written by Bambi & Amma BUT Illustrated by Axel Scheffler. 

Me : 😀  😀


*Axel Scheffler is a popular Children’s books’ Illustrator.

Pretty for a hundred million days


pretty mom2
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Pretty today, tomorrow, after tomorrow and for a hundred million days!

Bambi has quite a few toothbrushes (floral, Barbie, Frozen, Peppa, Dora etc). This morning as I handed her the ‘Frozen’ toothbrush which she had been using for the past few days:

Bambi: Can I have my ‘flowery’ toothbrush today?

Me:  Maybe tomorrow?

Bambi: No, today. Because I like pretty things, don’t I?

Me: Pretty things ! like what ?

Bambi: My flowery toothbrush!

Me: Of course, the floral toothbrush! I mean What else?

Bambi: You!

Me: Me?

Bambi: Yes, you look pretty today, tomorrow, after tomorrow and for a hundred million days!

That made my day!

P.S. Preeth thinks I put those words in Bambi’s mouth. If you agree with him too  please don’t say that in the comments. Pleeeease don’t!

The Little Doctor

The Little Doctor.png

A young patient with chicken pox and a young smiling doctor

Lately Bambi has been saying she wants to be a doctor like Preeth when she grows up. Yesterday she drew this picture of a sick child  with chicken pox  and herself as doctor attending to the sick child.

I am impressed with the drawing and the details that Bambi has captured – Sick child ( she knows dad looks after sick children), facial expressions ( *:( sad for the patient, *:) happy for the doctor), chicken pox( recently there was an outbreak of chicken pox in her school). It is good to note Bambi is aware of what is going on around her. I notice a yellow blanket for the patient too. On asking why sunshine, she replied, “sunshine makes me happy”.  I bet, sunshine will help Bambi’s patient feel better too.

As for Bambi’s ambition to be a doctor which possibly will change tomorrow, all I can wish for is that Bambi gets a good education, becomes well rounded and her best self having fun doing what she likes doing best.

My little smile machine

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My little smile machine

The other day I was tidying up the house and came across Wenlock – the official mascot for 2012 London Olympics.  As Bambi saw the Olympic Mascot:

Bambi: What is that?

Me: It is Wenlock.

Bambi: Who is Windock? Does he come on TV?

Me: He is Olympic mascot….Olympic toy.

Bambi: No he cannot be OLApick toy. He is BAMBipick toy.

Me: ????

It took me a second to realize Bambi thought the Olympic Mascot belonged to her friend Ola. Of course, not! Wenlock has got to be Bambi’s.  So what if we have to call him Bambipic Mascot from now on!


As I was preparing fish for the lunch:

Bambi: ooh Fish!

Me: yes Fish! You love fish, don’t you?

Bambi: What’s his name?

Me: Sea bream.

Bambi: Silly Amma.  He is  not in the sea. He is ground bream.

Me: ????

Ah! I see, someone is getting good at learning opposite words.


Bambi and I were watching TV. After few minutes as I got up to go to kitchen:

Bambi: I want to eat Bourbon.

Me: Bourbon?

Bambi: yes, now. Can you get it for me?

Me: OK I will . But where is the magic word?

Bambi : (waving her pretend wand) Abracadabra…… Bourbbbbbbbon now!

Me: ?????

Not sure. Whose idea it was to call ‘please’ a magic word. Also not sure how kids say ‘pleeeease’ when the teacher asks ‘where is the magic word’?


Moments like these always bring a smile on my face.

Friend feels better, Bambi feels better


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Friend feels better, Bambi feels better too

On Saturday evening, we had been to Bambi’s friend Neha’s house. Few other kids (Bambi’s friends) and their parents were there too.  At one point when the kids were all playing in the garden, Neha tripped over a ball and hurt her knees. She came running to her mum crying. I noticed that Bambi followed Neha  and she was trying to comfort Neha. As Bambi rubbed Neha’s knee she said, “Neha, I never cry when I fall down, because I am brave. I know you are brave too. Brave girls don’t cry”. Neha continued to cry but Bambi was figuring out ways to cheer her up. How about watching Peppa Pig? How about playing Buckaroo? How about an ice pack? Neha agreed for the icepack which her Mum got her. Soon Neha was feeling better and so was Bambi! Both of them went back to the garden and they were playing once again with rest of their friends.

I was quite touched to see Bambi’s concern for her friend. The ability to understand and be sensitive to other people’s feelings is a great quality. This comes naturally to Bambi but I want to foster this further so that she continues to grow up to be a kind hearted person. I realise I cannot do this without demonstrating empathy myself. As the saying goes, empathy is caught, not taught. As a first step, I am going to make conscious efforts to control my temperament. This kind, caring and compassionate child of mine teaches me so many valuable life lessons everyday. Thank you Bambi, my heart melts with love for you my precious child.

A blogger award – LIEBSTER AWARD



Better late than never! Today I am going to accept the Liebster award which BELLYBYTES from the wonderful blog MUMBAI ON A HIGH awarded me few days ago. I was very pleased to receive the award. I think it is a very nice way of appreciating bloggers and their blogs.

The rules of the award are (I copy this from Bellybytes’ blog):

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog in your post.
  2. Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”.
  3. Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
  4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself
  5. Nominate 5–11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, that have less than 1,000 followers.
  6. Create a new list of 11 questions for the nominees to answer.

Ok, without further ado, let me follow the rules:

  1. Dear Bellybytes, Thank you so much for nominating me for this blogger award. Not just for the award, but I also want to thank you for all those smiles that you bring on my face with your lovely writing. Mumbai on a high really makes me happy.
  2. Done. I have displayed the award in my sidebar.
  3. Now answering the questions asked by BellyBytes:
  • What would you choose between a relaxed holiday on the beach or an arduous trek through the mountains? A relaxed holiday on the beach of course! I am not good at adventurous activities. So, mountain trekking is out of question.
  • Do you like ice cream in a cup or cone? I like Ice-cream in a cup. Cone gets a bit messy. Also I don’t like it when I have finished the ice cream and bit of the plain cone is still remaining.
  • Would you rather spend 3 hours talking to a friend on a phone or 3 hours travelling to meet the same person just for an hour? I would rather spend 3 hours on the phone talking to the friend and I have done that many times. Problem with travelling is I have to plan a lot before I set out anywhere and then if it’s just for an hour, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.
  • Do you like chick flicks? I don’t mind them but I am not a great fan of chick flicks.
  • Do you dress for comfort or style? For both. I love trendy palazzos or kurtis and jeans both of which are comfortable as well as stylish.
  • Are you a bathroom singer? Yes, big time! “Thandey thandey paani se nahaana chaahiye, gaana aaye ya Na aaye gaana chaahiye” :-). 
  • Would you go bungee jumping? Yes! Why not? These days with Bambi slowly I have been doing things that I have never done before. So, yes bungee jumping although wouldn’t be my choice but if someday Bambi would like me to try with her, I would definitely go for it.
  • Which household chore do you love? Cleaning dishes!  :-). This normally I combine with a chat with someone on the phone. So I don’t mind it.
  • How do you deal with the grumblers in your life, assuming you do have them? Yes I have a little rant every now and then with the husband. He calms me down and tries to show me the positive side of whatever that I am grumbling about – a lazy colleague, in laws’ unsolicited advice on how to bring up my child etc etc.
  • What was the wackiest compliment you’ve received? When I uploaded a selfie on Facebook recently a friend commented “Gorgeous girl! Doesn’t look like you at all. Didn’t realize it was you! and that got couple of ‘likes’ :|. Thanks my friends!
  • When was the last time you visited a dentist? 8 months ago (I know, I should be visiting regularly) and even that I went only because a restoration had chipped away and was causing discomfort. 
  1. And Now 11 Random Facts about me:
  1. I like to learn new things/skills.
  2. I like meeting new people.
  3. I like cooking and baking.
  4. I like animals from a distance but I can never stroke them or hold them.
  5. I Love being a Mum but I know I am an imperfect mum ( a separate post on this later).
  6. I have a good memory. I am the one who reminds (family/friends) of funny incidents from the past when we get together for laughs.
  7. I don’t mind family/friends laughing at me when we get together. I join them in the laughter too.
  8. I can imitate people well but I am careful not to hurt anyone by taking it too far.
  9. I spend a lot of time on my phone – WhatsApp and YouTube (recipes, crafts)
  10. I love mehndi (Henna).
  11. I love Ethnic Indian Clothes.
  1. I do not know many bloggers yet in the blogosphere. Hence, I won’t be able to nominate other bloggers for the award just yet. If you are reading this and haven’t yet been awarded the Liebster award, please feel free to take up the award.
  1. Ok, and now here are 11 questions that I would like you to answer when you accept the award:
  • What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?
  • What do you love about yourself most?
  • If you could learn one new skill today, what would that be?
  • What is one thing you believe you are best at?
  • What is one thing you wish you were good at?
  • Who is your role model?
  • Why are you so amazing?
  • How do you control your temper, assuming you lose it sometimes?
  • How would you tolerate a person, whom you absolutely dislike, in the same room as you, assuming you dislike someone?
  • If you are talking to a person and you know they are lying, would you ignore or confront them?
  • If you ever met an anonymous blogger friend in person, how would you start the conversation?

What are you waiting for? Its your turn now. Please accept the award and answer my questions.

A clever and busy mind

Brain,training and hurt knee
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Clever and Busy Mind

It is Bambi’s bed time. I switch off the lights and start singing a lullaby. After few minutes I notice Bambi is still wide awake staring at the glow stickers on the ceiling:

Me: Come on close your eyes now. Birds have all gone to bed and so must we.

Bambi: But I cannot sleep today.

Me: Why not?

Bambi: My brain is not switched off yet.

Me: * thinking whoa!*  What do you mean?

Bambi: I meeean my brain is still switched on.

Me: * still thinking what that means?*.  OK, shall I switch it off then?

I press Bambi’s forehead with my index finger pretending to turn a switch off.

Me: There you go, I have just turned the brain switch off for the night.

Bambi: But brain cannot be switched off like that. My brain is still on.

Me: * Thinking even harder what all this means*. Why not? What is your brain doing now?

Bambi: It is thinking of all that I did today. I played with Isha, Natalie, Gemma and Lucy today. Lucy is not Ella’s friend anymore. Can she come to our house one day? Can we have double play date? Can Isha come too? 

Me: * interrupting the yack*  OK ok… I get it now. Don’t talk. Just close your eyes tight.  

Bambi: You ruined the switch now. My brain is not thinking anymore.

Me:  Raa Ree Raa Rum O RaaRee Rum….Raa Ree Raa Rum O RaareeRum…..

Soon Bambi was fast asleep. Agree with you my child, highlights of the day come to our mind before we drift off. Sorry to have interrupted but you sure needed to sleep by then.


As Preeth and I were having our breakfast Bambi who had just finished her breakfast, wanted me to play snake and ladders with her.

Me: Let me finish my breakfast Bambi. I promise I will play with you afterwards.

Bambi: But what shall I do now?

Me: Play with some other toy.

Bambi: Which toy?

Me: Any toy. You have plenty.

Bambi: But I haven’t been trained to play alone.

Me: * Silence*


Bambi had a fall in the playground and hurt her knee. Thankfully she was alright. Few minutes later:

Bambi: I think my knee is fractured. I need a cast. Will you draw on my cast? Will my friends draw on my cast?

Me: You are fine. There isn’t a fracture.

Bambi: There is! See *points to her knee*

Me: nah…it’s not a fracture. I can give you an icepack when we get home.

Bambi: It is a fracture. It isssss. See how red my knee is?

Me: No it  isn’t red.

Bambi: It is.

Me: Where?

Bambi: It is a different red. Only I can see it!

Me: * Yeah right!*



To Keep or To Give Away?


Packing Andy's toys in the moving box
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To keep or to give away?

June is here and we have about 8 weeks before we relocate to India. All weekends until Mid-July from now have been held reserve to meet friends and colleagues.  I finish work at the end of this month and up until now I was hoping that I could start packing from 1st of July and that it should be fine. But with commitments made to meet friends and colleagues in July and to do things that I think ‘I must do’ before I leave UK and with Bambi’s summer break at school fast approaching, I don’t think leaving packing till July would be a good idea.

So finally, during the last weekend, I decided to do some decluttering. I started off with an intention to clear off some of our boots/shoes and coats/jackets that will not be actually of much use in India. As I was pulling out each coat/jacket from the wardrobe, I was deciding whether to keep it or to give it away and thus ended up creating two piles – ‘to keep’ and ‘to give away’ pile.When I had managed to sort out all our coats/jackets, the pile for ‘giving away’ looked larger than ‘to keep’ pile.  Ideally I would have liked to keep them all but sadly I cannot be taking everything in the house with me to India. Hence the decision to keep only the absolutely necessary items and give away rest of the items.

Next I decided to sort out some of Bambi’s toys as currently there are toys everywhere in the house .The toy boxes are full of toys as a result of which these days the toys can be found in other places – in the kitchen, on the sofas, near the fireplace, on top of the beds and even in the bathroom. Hence I thought perhaps clearing some of the toys would be a good idea and that our house would also look a little neater. Bambi doesn’t play with a lot of them anyway. I had few empty cartons in the loft and I decided that toys which Bambi doesn’t play with anymore can go in there for now and later the boxes can be given away just like that.

As I was sorting out the toys I was still thinking of some of the coats that I had placed in the ‘give away’ pile and I decided to take another look at this pile to decide which ones I really didn’t need anymore. Soon I was sorting out the jackets/coats again and ended up deciding that I wanted to keep them all. I can’t give them away just yet.

Meanwhile, a certain ‘brave soldier’ had rescued few animals that were seemingly packed inside a box by a ‘Mommy’ with an intention to send them to the zoo (oh dear!). Now that they were not going to the zoo anymore, the happy animals had lined up for a running race. On your marks, get set, go…….

Running Race.pngI guess they are not ready to be given away yet. OK let’s keep them too. No doubt, this is going to be a tough decision – what to give away and what to keep?