Getting Started

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Ready, Steady, Go…..

It’s a little over a year since I started this blog. All this while I have always wanted to write and document the several things that have been going on in our lives. And yet, this page has nothing more than an introduction. Why is that so?

The reason why I have not progressed anywhere beyond choosing a layout and design of this blog is because I have a problem. A big problem actually – how to justify thoughts with words? what will people think of my writing? Will they consider me silly or boring? Will they feel connected with me? And there is a reason why I feel this way.  I do not have confidence in my abilities to express my thoughts with words. I have been lurking around in the blog world for a very long time now. It amazes me to no end how some people write so beautifully about little things in their lives. There are times when I read some blogs and find myself nodding my head and thinking, ” this has happened to me, this is so true, are you talking about me? so on and so forth. Basically the experiences of these writers seem to resonate with mine. This leaves me thinking, how do they do it?  Often those writers would be writing about little things going on in their lives but it is their way with the words that make such simple things appear extraordinary and they succeed in striking a chord with their readers. There exactly begins my problem. I feel I can never do justice to my thoughts like how these wonderful bloggers do. And that is what holds me back from writing and expressing myself.

Then there were few occasions when I thought of putting behind these fears and just making a start. During such times ”the starting trouble” held me back – Where to start from? How to start?

But today, I believe I have found a solution to my worries about filling these pages. This morning, over phone I caught up with a friend who I had not spoken to in many months. When I came off the phone, it just occurred to me – if I can update someone over phone about highlights of my life, why not update my blog? After all, it has been a year since I caught up with this page too.  As for my fears/lack of confidence in my writing abilities, I think I should remind myself that this is my personal space and I must write what I want to write. More importantly, I must write for myself.  Perhaps it will also help if I tell myself just like how I do with other things ” Pia, just be yourself ’’.

Ah! Here it is – a blog post! This could be a start of the rest of my blogging journey. I am excited :-).