The Baby Moon That Grew UP

Image: Courtesy Google
Image: Courtesy Google

The Moon’s smiling at me,

The Moon’s coming home with us

The moon’s not a baby any more

The Moon’s ‘Bbbbigggg’ and upside down 

A while ago, on one Sunday evening Bambi and I were playing the ‘identify the object’ game where I was drawing some objects and Bambi had to identify them. After the usual house, bird and flower diagrams, I drew a circle and she identified it as ‘moooon’. Little later I drew a half moon and wondered if Bambi would still call it a moon but she left me wonderstruck by calling it “ A Baby Moon’’! She was about 2 years and a bit then.

Another time, one winter evening as we were driving back home from a birthday party, I remember Bambi being overjoyed at the sight of moon and I also vividly remember Bambi saying, ‘’ The moon’s coming home with us’’ !!

There was another time when Preeth, Bambi and I were on our evening walk and Bambi pointed to the moon in the sky and said to us, ‘’ The Moon’s smiling at meee’’. Then she began to run around and see if the moon was following her everywhere and when she found out it did, she began to leap up to catch the moon.

So, you see, Bambi has always been fascinated by the moon. Whenever we are out on walks she looks at the sky to find the moon and on days that she cannot see the moon, she tells us that the moon is perhaps hiding behind the clouds :-).

These days as the sun sets very early, by the time I finish work and collect Bambi from her nursery, it is very dark. Despite having a long day at the nursery and skipping the afternoon naps Bambi is very active and chats non-stop. During our walk from the nursery to bus stop, Last week almost every evening we saw the moon (crescent shaped in varying phases) in the sky and Bambi waved bye to the moon. Last Friday though I was quite amazed by what Bambi told me when she saw the moon – “ Look, the moon is not a baby any more”. To probe her reasoning further I asked her why she thinks so and instantly came her reply, “ He is ‘bigggg’ today”. Indeed, the moon was not crescent shaped that day but not entirely circular either. A bit oval shaped rather and so I asked Bambi what shape was the moon that day and she replied, ‘’ He is upside down’’!!  Oh the little mind…….