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                                                        ‘Ajjo is smiling ”                                                                                                                                …

It has been 19 months since Anna (as I call my dad) passed away. Yet not a single day passes by when I don’t think of Anna.  Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I see is Anna’s picture on my phone and wish that he was still around. Had fate not played such a cruel game with Anna’s life, this day he would have been 62. Yes it is Dad’s birthday today. I have been missing him terribly since the last few days.  Secretly I have been wishing that at least in my dreams he pays me a visit and alleviates all my worries with his smile.

This morning a very strange thing happened. I was giving Bambi a shower. While she was loudly singing ‘down by the jungle where nobody goes’, I was lost in some thoughts. All of a sudden Bambi asked me if I was sad.  I was quite surprised to notice that Bambi could so clearly read my mind even though she is so little. What followed next will be etched in my mind forever and I so badly wanted to document it here.

So, when Bambi asked me if I was sad, I replied that indeed I was sad. But I did not mention the reason why I was sad. Of course,  Bambi wasn’t pleased to hear that Mummy is sad and she tried to cheer me up by saying repeatedly, ‘’ Amma smile. Smile Amma.’’  To please her, I pretended to smile and she was back to her nonstop chatter again. A little later as I was dressing her up, out of nowhere, she said to me, “Ajjo (as she calls my Dad) is smiling at us from the window”. I was really really shocked to hear that and to check if I had heard it right, I asked her to repeat what she just said and once again Bambi said, “ Ajjo is smiling at us from the window’’. She then went on to insist that she wanted to call Ajjo. I somehow distracted her but since then I have been thinking about that. How and why did Bambi come up with that? Perhaps she too felt Anna’s presence around, just as I do.

Happy birthday Anna! Keep smiling!!!! Love you always!!!!!