This post is part of A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter C, I am choosing Career.

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A to Z Challenge April 2016: C for Career

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I’d stand in front of the black board that we had in our study room with chalks and a duster and teach my pretend students alphabets and numbers just like my class teacher Miss Geeta did.

Few years later I wanted to be a TV presenter. I was so inspired by the DD1 News readers such as Rini Khanna, Usha Albuquerque, Geetanjali Iyer, Neethi Ravindran, Minu Talwar, Sarla Maheshwari , Salma Sultan etc that I used to copy their style and read my text books with a poise and in a crisp voice to my  pretend audience. I also ran regular bed time story shows and rhyme time for my pretend audience.

As I grew a bit more older, I was amazed at how my Mum beautifully managed the house and looked after me and my brother. Mum was the most perfect wife and mother that I knew and  I wanted to be a homemaker just like her. However, the passion for presenting on TV still remained with me. I jumped at every opportunity in school to participate in debates and speeches. During school holidays, I’d fix my own quick breakfast by first neatly arranging the ingredients in bowls and by running my pretend audience through those ingredients and then doing a step by step demo of the dish – Namaskar , Meri Rasoi mein aap sabka swagath hai.  Aaj hum bananey waaley hain garma garam omelette 🙂 . Isey bananey ke liye humein chaahiye –  Do andey, bareek kati hui pyaaz etc etc 🙂 [ hello and welcome to my kitchen. Today we will be preparing an omelette. For this we will need –  two eggs, one thinly sliced onion etc 🙂 ].

When I was in final year of school, I thought being a doctor would be a cool job- wearing white coat and a stethoscope around the neck. Those days when someone at home was down with fever or had a bruise or injury I’d be happy to nurse them to recovery.

Soon it was time to choose the subjects in pre university college and  I chose PCMB (physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology) with a view to pursue medicine next. However in final exams my scores weren’t high enough to get into a medical college but were good enough to get into a Dental College and as suggested by my parents I chose to do Dentistry. Five years in Dental College were great but I always felt as though I wanted to do something else. Soon after graduation I joined the same Dental institute as a lecturer and taught the final year students. The childhood dream of becoming a teacher came true!

A few months later I met Preeth and soon we were married and I moved with him to UK. In order to work as a dentist in the UK  overseas graduates must undertake and pass three UK dental exams. So for a year I stayed at home preparing for these exams while also fulfilling my dream to be a homemaker. I enjoyed doing the household chores, cooking, running errands for the house and also studying for the UK dental exams.  After a while though it didn’t seem all that great anymore and I felt the need to get out of the house, meet people, do some work. But the path to obtaining license to work as a dentist was neither easy nor quick. I had no motivation to study for the exams . Instead,  I wanted to get into the corporate world . But I did not have any qualifications or competencies to get into a corporate job. All I had was zeal and enthusiasm to do something different and with that I took a new path –  I enrolled for a Management course.

A year later when I was looking for jobs, initially no one wanted to offer me a job because of the strange combination of dentistry and management. The first few job interviews that I attended and obviously failed, I returned home feeling dejected. Then one day, as I was travelling to an interview,  I just thought I would enjoy the interview as if it was a talk show and enjoy the experience and that is exactly what I did at the interview and answered all the questions calmly especially the one about transition from Dentistry to Management. Needless to say, I was successful at the interview and since then there has been no looking back. Career transitions still continued though –  from a HR Advisor to an IT Trainer to a Web designer to a Programmer to an IT Project Manager – I have always been travelling on new roads and surrounded by uncertainties.

The important lessons that I learnt during my career journey which I’d like to share are:

  • Follow your inner voice : Take chance. Make choices on what is really important to you at any point in time. Do what makes you happy. 
  • Believe in yourself : If you believe you can do something then nothing can stop you. 
  • Stay Positive: It is impossible to avoid unpleasant things in life but certainly possible to look beyond those imperfections and stay positive. 
  • Stay open to new possibilities: Change is the only constant in life. Not always everything happens the way we expect but it will certainly work out fine if we are determined to make it happen.

Career is a journey through discovering, learning, adapting and growing and it may well be a journey of a lifetime but the right direction to follow is to go ahead and forward and enjoy it. 

4 thoughts on “CAREER

  1. My Era April 5, 2016 / 4:25 am

    You have come a long way in your pursuit of a career and I am glad to have to know you through your valuable comments on my blog.
    You are truly inspiring dear. And those pearls of wisdom you shared are worth keeping in mind at every point in life.
    Wishing you all the success for your life ahead 😀

  2. claowue April 5, 2016 / 2:34 pm

    Not everyone uses the straight road. Have fun following the serpentines of life!

  3. drkottaway April 5, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    Very interesting! When I was a kid I wanted to be a writer so badly that I assumed that that was what everyone wanted to be most of all….. ha.

  4. nicolegrabner April 6, 2016 / 12:32 am

    What an interesting way to come to a new career. As a military spouse, I feel like I have to swap a bunch of different hats all the time to keep a career. Kind of a similar shuffle, you know? 🙂

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