Glorious Games – Childhood Games

This post is part of  A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter G, I am choosing Glorious Games


A to Z Challenge April 2016:  G for Glorious Games

This week Bambi has been going to the Easter Holiday Club at her school where each day is packed with lots of fun filled activities and games. Each morning Bambi has been very excited to go to school to find out what activities and games have been lined up for the day and then has a whale of a time over there. In the evenings, Bambi has been teaching and playing with us all the new games that she has learnt at the holiday club. Preeth and I have enjoyed playing these games as much as Bambi has.

This morning just as we were leaving the house, Bambi asked me what games I used to play as a kid? I thought it was a great question. I took a trip down the memory lane recollecting and telling Bambi about all those glorious games that I played as a kid with my brother, cousins and friends. What a great start to my day and how opportune that the letter today for the A to Z challenge is G! So here we go, G for Glorious Childhood Games.

Let me start with the Indoor games, in no particular order:

Ludo : We used to roll the dice hard hoping to get ‘six’ so as to move fast to reach ‘HOME’.Ludo_skråfoto

Snakes and Ladders: Each player hoped they only got ladders and other player got snakes!snakesladders

Carrom: This was a family game and we played this on many sunday afternoons and during school holidays. Players choose either white or black disks which are then arranged in a circle around the red disk (queen) at the center of the board. With a striker disk that is released with a flick of the finger, the black and white disks are struck with an aim to propel them in turn into one of the four corner pockets of the board. A player is meant to pocket all his disks before the opponent. The game had few rules to follow too.carrom

Name, Place, Animal, Thing: We played this in the classroom during breaks. Players choose a letter and write names of a person, place, animal and a thing that starts with that letter. Once all players have written name, place, animal, thing each player reads out what they have written. We used to take pride when we wrote something new and unique. At the same time we used to be happy (and said ‘same pinch’) if our choices matched with others’.name-place

Hang Man: We played this in the classroom mostly during breaks. One player is meant to disclose few or sometimes just one letter of a word on a piece of paper. Other players have to complete the word by guessing letters in turn. If you guess the right letter it is filled in the word if not, the hanging man’s drawing is completed.hand

Colour, Colour what Colour: We used to make this little paper craft and ask other player , ”colour colour what colour do you choose?”. The person chooses a colour and pre written thing under the colour of their choice is then disclosed.col

Chor, Sipahi (Robber, police): We used to play this in school. Paper chits are made with King, Minister, Police and Robber. Chits are shuffled and each player picks one chit. Whoever gets the robber is out of the game.  There was more to this game which unfortunately I can’t remember very well now. chorsipahi

Tic Tac Toe: We used to sneakily play this in the classroom during lessons and more often than not get away with it without getting caught by the teacher.tic tac toe

Beads: This was a fabulous game. Unfortunately I do not know what it is called and how it is played. All I can remember is our neighbours had this rectangular box with pits(as you can see in the picture) and a tin of red beads. The game starts off by placing 4 beads in each pit and a player picks up all the beads from one pit and keeps moving in a clockwise direction adding one bead each in the adjacent pits until an empty pit is reached. I do not remember what the rules were and how the game proceeded or ended. I used to play this game with my neighbors. gurpaalo

Antakshari: This is an all-time favorite game. Even grown-ups played this game with us. No school picnic or family picnic was complete without this game. As soon as the picnic bus or van started we used to start playing Antakshari. This was also a favorite game to evade boredom when there were power cuts in the evenings.  Any number of players could play this simple game. The game is all about singing whether one had good vocals or not! It started with Baithey  Baithey kya karein hum, karna hai kuch kaam, Shuru karo antakshari lekar prabhu ka naam…One player starts the game by singing one verse of any Bollywood song . When his song ends,picking up from the last sound in the ending line of the song, next player starts his song and this goes on for hours together. One has to instantly sing when its their turn, if not other players start the countdown tick tick 1, tick tick 2…before they are out of the game.ant

Chidiya Udd: Every player is supposed to place a finger on a table or floor as you see in the picture. One person calls out the names of all sorts of things, animals and birds like this..chidiya udd, mor udd, kawwa udd, titli udd, gaay udd, bhains udd…..– some that could fly and others that could not. Players are meant to raise their fingers whenever the name of a flying object is called out. If a player raises their finger for a non-flying object then they are out of the game.chidiya

Akkad Bakkad Bambe Bo, In pin Safety pin,Inky Pinky Ponky: Players used to sit in a circle with their palms down on a flat surface. One person went round touching everyone’s fingers and singing Akkad Bakkad bambe bo, Assi nabbey pooray Sau, Sau mein laga dhaaga, chor nikalkar bhaaga or In pin safety pin, In pin out, Out goes the safety pin, In pin out or Inky Pinky Ponky, Father  had a donkey, Donky Died, father Cried, Inky Pinky Ponky. When the song stops, which ever finger he touches,that finger is folded and not included in the next round.Once again the singer goes round singing and touching a finger thus folding all fingers one by one. The person who finishes last (last finger to fold) is the winner. akkad

Then there were several outdoor games that we played, such as:

Hide and seek: All-time favorite game. young and old, all friends and cousins played this together. Sometimes few of them hid together in the same place and giggled. hideand seek

Tyre rolling: This was just a simple game where we picked wheels of old cycles (bikes) and simply rolled them using a little wooden stick on the roads. Every attempt was made to prevent the tyre(wheel) from falling flat. This was mainly played by boys. As I played a lot with my brother and his friends, this game has remained etched in my memory.cycle tyre

Gully cricket: Playing game of cricket in the streets mostly with deal wood bats with wall as the wicket. Again this is a game mostly played by boys but I played this a lot with my brother and his friends and with cousins during summer holidays. gully-cricket-e1414902729495

Lagori or Pittu: This is one of my most favorite games ever. Two teams are formed, seven stones are stacked one above the other. Each member of the team who chooses to play first gets the opportunity to aim the ball at the pile of stones to knock them down. Once a player knocks the pile down, members of his team disperse. Now, players from the opposite team aim the ball at any player from the first team while other members of that team (first team) aim to miss the ball and pile up the stones back to win.lagori

Gilli danda: This was my brother’s favorite game. Players stand in small circle around the set up which is Gilli (the small piece of wood) placed on a brick in an inclined position with one end of the gilli touching the ground and other end sticking out in the air (like see-saw). A player then hits the free end of the gilli with a danda (large wooden stick) and as the gilli flips into the air, he strikes it hard with the danda once again to push it as far as possible. Then the player is required to run and touch a pre-agreed line, outside the circle the initial set up was in, before the opponent retrieves the gilli.gilli-danda

Dog and the bone: Players stand in a circle around a tiny piece of wood or cloth. Two players come forward at a time and attempt to grab the wood or cloth and then run back to their original position with the wood or cloth without getting caught by the other player.


Hopscotch: This used to be a very popular game and I remember at times Mom and my aunts also used to play this with me.hopscotch-chalk

In the pond, on the bank: Players stand on a step or any raised platform. One player or referee calls out ‘in the pond’ or ‘on the bank’. When called ‘in the pond’ players are meant to jump down from the platform or step and when called ‘on the bank, they are meant to climb back on the platform. This is repeated several times and if at any time any player does the opposite of what the referee calls then they are out of the game. Invariably players would end up laughing and doing the opposite of what the referee called out.


Crocodile, crocodile, which colour do you want? : Firstly two lines are drawn on the ground with a chalk, far away from each other. All players stand in a row on one of the lines. One player who is chosen to be the crocodile stands between the two lines. Players then shout to the ‘crocodile’ – ‘’Crocodile, crocodile, which colour do you want?’’ Crocodile names a color. All players are then meant to choose any item they can find around them of that particular colour, show it to the crocodile and run without getting caught by the crocodile to the other side and wait at the line untill all players join him on that side.


And then there were of course the numerous races that we did: running race, sack race frog race, bike race etc that were great fun.sack race

Oh, what fun! What great moments!  Did you play any of these games? What is your favorite childhood game?


3 thoughts on “Glorious Games – Childhood Games

  1. claowue April 9, 2016 / 6:17 am

    I know Most of the indoor Games. The activity Games were different as you played them. Sure, there was hide and seek and then a game when all kids stood in a row. One opposite of them. This one turned round, saying the sentence “Fuchs am Berg schau um” (fox at the mountain, turn around) as fast as he/she could. Turned around afterwards, trying to see one of the other kids moving. Meanwhile the others moved forward towards the “fox at the mountain” trying to stop in time. Whoever was seen moving forward by the fox was out of the game.

    Then, here in Germany, football is the game of choice. Two players can be enough to play one but one has to work out the rules first. All done. Suddenly a third kid turned up and the rules have to been changed 😉

    Thanks for all the games today!

  2. UpwardSpiral April 9, 2016 / 6:19 am

    OMGGGGG! What an awesome nostalgia trip! Used to play TONS of lagori, hopscotch (we used to call it Stapu in Delhi), Hide and Seek, Dog and the Bone, and there was this other game called Gallery, that used to be played in a badminton court and this other game called Jalebi (where you have to reach the centre of a spiral drawn with chalk hopping on one foot, without touching any of the lines)! Also, for classrooms, Name Place Animal Thing, and Cows and Bulls!

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