How Did I Come?

This post is part of A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter H, I am choosing How?

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A to Z Challenge April 2016:  H for How did I come?

Like any 4 year old child, Bambi has also began to ask myriad of random questions about the world around her. These days there is always a ‘how’ or ‘why’ for anything you tell her. It can be anything as routine and simple as “It’s bed time!” to something slightly different such as “The plane is going to take off now” and out comes the response – “how do you know it’s my bed time?”, “Why is it my bed time?”, “Why do I have to go to bed ?”, “Why is the plane taking off ?”, “How does the plane take off ?”, “How does the plane know it has to go to London?”. So you can see right, how one question leads to another and so on? Then there are times when Bambi randomly asks questions like Were you clever when you were little?, “What was the first word that you said when you were a baby ?”, “Why do ants always march in a line?”, “Do you know Ants don’t have Mommies and Daddies?” so on and so forth.

One such random question that Bambi asked me recently was “HOW DID I COME?”. As a kid I remember I was told that Babies were divine and so I thought it would be easy to say the same to Bambi and this is how our conversation continued:

Bambi “Amma, How did I come?”

Me:Lord Ganesha [Hindu God] gave you to us”

Bambi: “Did he wrap me in a gift paper when he gave to you?”

Me: “Hmm…Kind of…well, actually you came from my tummy.”

Bambi: “Did Lord Ganesha put me in your tummy, Amma?”

Me: “Yeah…Kind of like that.”

Bambi: “How did he put me in your tummy?”

Me: “He has magical powers to do that.”

Bambi: “Wow! Magic! How did I come out from your tummy?”

Me: “I had to go to the hospital to have you out.”

Bambi: “Did you go alone to the hospital?”

Me: “No, Anna (Daddy) and I went together to the hospital.”

Bambi: “Amma, Who took me out from your tummy?”

Me: “Doctor and Nurses”

Bambi: “How did they do that?”

Me: “They used some medical tricks to take you out”

Bambi: “Did it hurt you Amma? Did they put a plaster on you?”

Me: “No Dear, it didn’t hurt me much as they gave me magic medicines. They didn’t have to put a plaster.”

Bambi: “Amma, did Lord Ganesha give you to Granny and Grandpa?”

Me: “Yes, he did!”

Bambi: “Did Lord Ganesha give Uncle Karan (my brother) to Granny?”

Me: “Yes, he did!!”

Bambi: “Did Lord Ganesha give Anna (Daddy) to Grandma then?”

Me: “Yes, surely he did!”

Bambi: “Did Lord Ganesha also give Aunt Rini to Grandma? Aunt Rini is Anna’s Sister, isn’t she? ”

Me: “Yes, that’s correct. Lord Ganesha always gives babies to Mommies.”

Bambi: “Look Amma, Lord Ganesha gives boys as well as girls to Mommies.”

Me: “Oh, Yes! That’s a very good observation. Indeed Lord Ganesha gives boys as well as girls.”

Bambi: “Did you ask Lord Ganesha for a girl or a boy, Amma?”

Me: “ I asked for a girl Dear and so he gave me the world’s best baby girl. ”

Bambi: “Is that me Amma?”

Me: “Ha-ha…Yes Dear, It’s you!”

Before Bambi could ask any further questions I distracted her with some animation video on my phone and that was the end of that conversation; but only for a day. The next day the conversation started once again as follows:

Bambi : “Amma, were you a baby when Lord Ganesha gave you to Granny?”

Me: “Yes, I was a little baby when Lord Ganesha gave me to Granny. Then I ate lots of healthy food and grew up. “

Bambi: “Oh, yes Amma! When you grew up, then you went to Anna’s house so that you could have me, right Amma?

Me: “Clever girl!! That’s absolutely correct Dear.”

Then Bambi went off to play with her toys. One of the days this week as we reached home after school Bambi randomly asked me a question:

Bambi: “Will you leave me Amma one day?”

Me: “Nooooo….never! Why do you ask that?”

Bambi: “Why did Granny leave you then?”

Me: “No, Granny hasn’t left me. I still talk to her on the phone. I go to India to see her, don’t I? She still loves me very much and I love her very much too.”

Bambi: “You love me very much too Amma, don’t you?”

Me: “Of course Dear! I love you more than anything else in the world”

Bambi: “Why do you not live with Granny? I want to live with you and Anna always. Please don’t leave me Amma, will you?

Me:  “Of, course not Dear! Why should we leave you? We asked Lord Ganesha to give you to us so that we can keep you with us forever.

Bambi: “Did you ask Lord Ganesha , ” Please, can we have Bambi?”

Me: “Yes, I did! There were soooooooooo many girl and boy babies in Lord Ganesha’s house. Anna and I wanted ONLY you! We said to Lord Ganesha, “Please give us our lovely Bambi and we want to keep her with us forever and forever and forever…”

Bambi: So that we can live happily ever after, Amma?”

Me: “Hahaha… Yes! Come let’s freshen up and go downstairs and have something to eat now, shall we?”And so the conversation ended there. But only temporarily…

After Bambi had her dinner and as I was clearing up the dishes, she came up to me and said:

Amma, do you know, there were many many Daddies and Mommies in Lord Ganesha’s house. I asked only you as my Mommy and only Anna as my Daddy in the whole wide world. So Lord Ganesha gave you and Anna as my Mummy Daddy!

I was touched by this and was soooooooooo thankful to Lord Ganesha for filling my life with such happiness!

Next morning as I was cooking, Bambi came up to me and asked:

Bambi: “Amma.., did you and Anna have to stand in a line when you went to Lord Ganesha’s house to ask for me?”

Me: “Hahaha…of, course Dear! There was a very long line of Mommies and Daddies?”

Bambi: Were you and Anna in the lead then?”

Me:  “Yes, many Mommies and Daddies were standing behind us. Anna and I were right at the front to have you!”

Bambi: “Who was standing behind you?”

Me:Err….We did not see Dear as we were looking at the front and both of us wanted YOU soooooooooo much!”.

That perhaps seemed like a good answer to Bambi and she went off to play. I am sure though that I have not heard the end of this conversation and this trail of nonstop questioning about ‘How did I come?’ will still continue…………………


8 thoughts on “How Did I Come?

  1. UpwardSpiral April 9, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    OMG, your daughter is SO precocious! I hope she can read your blog once she’s a bit older to see how much you talk about her! 🙂 brilliant post’

  2. My Era April 10, 2016 / 6:42 pm

    Wow! I am so glad that you decided to share this post because I now have a ready set of answers for Pari’s curiosity about “How did I come?”
    Those were some amazing replies TH 😀
    Love to Bambi ❤

  3. BellyBytes May 12, 2016 / 12:59 am

    That was one loooong conversation! I must say Lord Ganesha came to your rescue this time! How will you deal with the question of how Lord Ganesha gave John to Auntie Pam?
    Children’s curiosity can test a parent’s ingenuity. Loved your post and will follow you and Bambi till she grows up. BTW my grand children are referred to in my posts as Wow Dinga, Ms Papaya and Little Po. Ms Papaya is my grand daughter from Daughter No. 1 while the other two are my grandsons from my second daughter Anna Shetty.

    • Truly Happy May 15, 2016 / 4:00 am

      haha.. yes! Lord Ganesha rescued me this time. Gosh yes, I never though of that/ But now that you have mentioned, I better prepare myself to answer that question.

      Thank you so much.

      It has been lovely to meet you in the blogosphere and read your posts and get to know Wow Dinga, Papaya and Little Po. What cute names ! Your blog posts make me so so happy.

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