This post is part of A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter I, I am choosing Ingredients.

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A to Z Challenge April 2016:  I for Ingredients for happiness

I have noticed on several occasions that a happy ‘ME’ translates to a happy ‘WE’ in our house. If I am having a bad day, then Preeth and Bambi are not happy either. Therefore, when Mommy is happy, everyone is happy! Being a perpetually happy person isn’t easy though because there isn’t one particular way of being happy, is there? Happiness is a combination of several factors depending on what makes one happy at any particular moment. I have plenty of reasons to be happy but the key ingredients for my happiness are:

Routine: Routine is very important to me and I do not function very well in its absence. I feel lost without routine and discipline. Routine helps me to stay organised and enables me to juggle different priorities and stay in control of things.

Good start to the mornings: When and how I wake up in the morning makes a huge difference to my day. Waking up nice and early gives me a sense of excitement about the day and helps me to stay on top of things. This is closely linked with my bed time as well. Early to bed and early to rise certainly makes me happy.

Health and Wellness: I believe ‘health is wealth’ and physical as well as mental health is very important to me. I am not hot on diet and fitness regimens but I like to watch what I eat and I love my walks. Peace of mind is also very important to me and without this, I believe, it is hard to enjoy much else.

Goals, Dreams and purpose:  I always need something to look forward to. Whether it is for professional growth or for my personal growth, I like to try new things, take up new challenges, and learn different things.  This gives me a sense of forward momentum and helps me to carry on with the ins and outs of everyday life.

Perspective and Outlook: How I see myself and the world around me plays a huge role in dictating what my day will look like. I have a positive outlook for life and I like to maintain that. I’ve come to accept that it is ok to be not ok sometimes and I try to handle even unpleasant things as gracefully as I can by concentrating on the positive things in life.

Family Time: I enjoy doing things together with Preeth and Bambi. Our family time is very important to me and I am very careful to not to let work or other commitments come in the way of our family time.

‘Me’ Time: I need a bit of ‘Me’ time every day to recalibrate myself. This is usually after Bambi has been tucked to bed and involves Facebook/WhatsApp/blogging/TV time that helps me to unwind after a long and busy day.

These are few key ingredients that yield a happy ‘ME’.  What are the ingredients of your happiness?


One thought on “Ingredients

  1. My Era April 14, 2016 / 6:05 am

    That’s a wonderful list TH and I can closely relate to all of these 🙂
    This is so true that if one person in the family is having a bad day, the other members can’t stay happy either. Happiness is infectious and so is negativity.
    That’s a wonderful take on ‘I’.

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