This post is part of A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter Q, I am choosing Questions.
A to Z Challenge April 2016:  Q for Questions


When I think of letter Q the first thing that comes to my mind is Questions. And talking of Questions, all I can think of is Bambi’s constant questioning. Both Preeth and I see it as positive part of Bambi’s growth and we always welcome her questions. Every response we give is followed up with another question. These days instead of answering her questions straight away, we turn it around on her – ‘what do you think?’ so as to encourage her to analyse and think. It is very interesting to note the type of questions she asks and the innocent answers that she comes up with. Here are some of my favourite Bambi’s Questions and Answers:

Did you know Amma Ants don’t have Mommies and Daddies?

Me: Do they not? Why do you think so?

Bambi: Because ants are always babies. They never grow up. There are no grown up Ants, only baby ants everywhere.


Why do Ant’s always march in a line?

Me: Why? Can you tell me?

Bambi: Because they like to follow their leader. Their leader walks in the front and they all follow the leader ant.


Why are tortoises very shy all the time?

Me: Are they? Why do you think so?

Bambi: Because they live in a shell.


Why did Daddy marry you in the whole wide world?

Me: I think because he liked me

Bambi: Why did he like you?

Me: Because I think I was nice!

Bambi: But why did he marry you?

Me: Let’s ask Daddy when he gets home.

Bambi: ok, But why did he marry you?


Why do birds not have teeth?

Me: Do they not have teeth?

Bambi: NO, they don’t. They just have beaks.

Me: oh I See. But why do they not have any teeth?

Bambi: Because there are only boy and girl dentists to look after teeth. No bird dentists.  


What did I do when I was inside your tummy?

Me: You ate, slept, Swam and kicked me.

Bambi: Was there a dining table in your tummy? And football? Was there a swimming pool too? Did I sleep in a cot in your tummy? Who were my friends when I was inside your tummy?


Why are you my Mummy?

Me: Hmm… Do you know why?

Bambi: Because I asked God for you to be my Mummy. 


Why does Daddy wear glasses?

Me: Because he can’t see far away objects clearly.

Bambi: No, you are wrong.

Me: Why else would Daddy wear glasses?

Bambi: Because he is clever!


Did Grandma win the ‘chatterbox’ competition?

Me: Why do you think so?

Bambi: Because she is a chatterbox.


 Do you know what ‘Guggu Guggu’ means in baby language?

Me: no, I don’t. Perhaps you can tell me?

Bambi:  It means can I have a chocolate cake now!

Are Cows and Goats best friends; Do they play together?

Me: May be. Why do you think they might be friends?

Bambi: Because they both give milk.


I don’t think cats eat mouse. Do you think so too Amma?

Me: Do they not? But why do you think so?

Bambi: Because Tom never eats Jerry. Every day they play together in our TV.  


Why do squirrels always fight for nuts?

Me: Why? You can tell me.

Bambi: Because I think they don’t know how to share.


These are few of Bambi’s questions and answers that I can remember off the top of my head. I want to visit these questions in the future when I will be wishing for these days when Bambi thinks I have all the answers in the world. So yes, Bambi keep them coming, those curious questions.


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