Ten things about me

This post is part of A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter T, I am choosing Ten Things about Me.

ten things
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A to Z Challenge April 2016:  T for Ten things about me

In the A to Z challenge, so far I have written a lot about my life and experiences but a very little about my personality. What better than ‘T for Ten things about me’ to help you get to know me a little better. So here goes:

  • I am ever smiling. Ask people around me to describe me in few words and I am sure the first thing that will come to their minds is my smiling face. Smile comes naturally to me no matter what is going on in my life. Good thing is I have found that smile is contagious. When I smile at someone no matter what mood they are in and whether they know me or not, they can’t help but smile back. It feels nice to know someone smiled because of me.
  • I take time to open up with new people that I meet, but once I get started, I do not stop. I love to talk a lot and I never get tired of chatting. During long distance travels I hope and pray that seat next to me is occupied by a person who is pleasant and willing to chat. What I forget to pray is that they remain seated next to me until the end of journey!
  • I am a good listener. During college days my friends used to call me ‘agony aunt’ because they could come to me with their problems (boyfriend/girlfriend problems, breakups etc). Even if I did not have solutions to their problems many a times, the only thing I could do was ‘just be there’ for them and I think it mattered a lot to many. Even now I have colleagues and friends who willingly share their problems and sorrows with me.
  • I thought I could sing pretty well and so four years ago I decided to take up vocal lessons (to sing even better 🙂 ) with a music teacher who agreed to come to my house to teach me. After the trial session the teacher never turned up! She hasn’t given me any explanations either. I hope though she hasn’t given up teaching music!
  • I do not know how to ride a bike. But it’s never too late to learn right? So I got myself a new bike last weekend. Reminds me of the hilarious episode from FRIENDS where Phoebe learns to ride a bike. No, no I am not using stabilisers!
  • I am very poor in mathematics. When I go shopping, even if I see 10% reduction, it attracts me but I fail to understand what 10% of £150 is.
  • I love putting on makeup so much so that on odd days that I don’t put on makeup Bambi thinks I am still wearing ‘pretend makeup’.
  • I am very much a ‘family’ person and I like to do everything for and with Preeth and Bambi. This is going to be an issue when we relocate to India in few months’ time and when we move in with the in-laws. I do not know yet how I am going to handle sharing our family time with others.
  • My career began to take off sharply after I had Bambi. Preeth and I have a laugh about it because generally people achieve more before they have children and once they have children they slow down to dedicate more time to kids but in my case it is other way round.
  • I sometimes make very impulsive decisions but surprisingly they work well. Perhaps I make them work. For example, the A to Z challenge; I signed up for it in an impulse but I am glad I did because that way I could get back to blogging.


One thought on “Ten things about me

  1. UpwardSpiral April 25, 2016 / 11:04 am

    Such a great post! Totally stole your idea to write my own T post 🙂 Identify MADLY with the poor in maths thing. Can’t do mental maths to save my life!

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