Upside Down

This post is part of A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter U, I am choosing Upside Down.


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A to Z Challenge April 2016:  U for Upside Down

One evening when Bambi was about two years old,I saw her reading a book by herself. It was a board book about Micky the monkey who wished he was different. Bambi was reading aloud the story and pointing to the pictures and enjoying it. As I went closer I realised that Bambi had held the book upside down. I was surprised that she hadn’t figured that out already especially as this was a book that we had read several times before. As I didn’t want to interrupt, I let her carry on with the upside down book. Towards the end of the book there is a page where Micky is hanging from a tree with his tail (as in picture above). As Bambi opened that page and saw the picture, she paused for a second as she realised that she had been reading the book upside down. It was interesting to see what she did next. Instead of simply turning the book to correct its position, Bambi took herself to other side of the book ! :-). She then continued to read, ‘after all it’s not bad being different ‘(that’s how the story goes at the point coincidentally!). I just stood there wondering : Would it not have been simpler to just turn the book? I didn’t know what to say but when Preeth heard this he said its called ‘thinking out of the box’; and it’s indeed not bad being different!

Fast forward a couple of years…last year Bambi wrote (narrated actually) a story; A story about an upside down forest.


upside down
Image Courtesy: Google

Idea Courtesy: Internet (The crocodile was enjoying warm sunshine. The Bird said …?)

Narrated by:  The Little Author ( Bambi).

Written by:   Mum (Yours Truly) just as narrated.

One day the Crocodile was lying upside down and enjoying the sunshine. The Little bird said, “It’s a lovely day with good sunshine. I want to join you.”

The crocodile said, “of, course you can Bird! “.

The Crocodile didn’t eat the bird. The bird tumbled over and then turned upside down.

They played games together and they were best friends forever.

Crocodile’s Mommy came.  She said, ” Time to play with the rabbit now.  Don’t forget to take your friend bird with you!”.

Rabbit also went upside down. They all went upside down actually.

A frog came there. “Ribbit, ribbit, Can I join your game? It looks such fun.  Is there room on the grass for a frog like me?”

“Yes, you can”. Said the crocodile.

Then all the Mommies and Daddies came. “Can we join too?” They asked.

“Of course, you can!” Said the Crocodile and his friends.

“Thank you!”  Said all Mommies and Daddies.

They all went upside down. Soon whole forest was upside down.

The end.

From nearly turning herself upside down to correct a book that she had been reading upside down, to writing a story about an upside down forest, I think Bambi has done well. Don’t you agree?

2 thoughts on “Upside Down

  1. Truly Happy May 15, 2016 / 3:43 am

    hehe..yes! She has many stories like this.

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