The Queen’s Knickers


The Queen's Knickers

What Knickers would the Queen Wear today?

Recently one morning as Bambi and I were waiting at her school library for her class room to open, she randomly asked me, “Amma, I wonder what knickers the Queen will wear today? Do you know Queen’s trunk of knickers went missing one day?”  Then she began to giggle.

I nearly fell off my chair when I heard this. I found it hilarious but I was completely perplexed. How did this come to Bambi’s mind? Of all the things, Knickers? Queen’s Knickers? :-). I was pretty sure this was not Bambi’s original thought.She must have heard something somewhere and I was keen to find out where. But how was I to find this out? I didn’t want to ask Bambi any questions just then and generate further conversation and giggles. Asking Bambi’s teachers would have been the right thing to do perhaps, but what was I going to ask them – Bambi wonders what knickers the Queen is going to wear today? Nooooo way, I thought and just remained silent.

Just then Bambi got started again, “When Queen travels she wears special knickers which has a parachute”. Now I had to stop Bambi before someone else heard this (if they have not heard already the earlier part of the conversation). I was furious and in a very stern voice asked Bambi to pick up a book to read together. There was a very puzzled look on Bambi’s face – Why is Mummy mad at me?

Later in the evening when we were at home I simply mentioned Queen and Bambi said I read a book about Queen’s Knickers at the nursery. Now it was clear that, that is where it came from, but I was not convinced that there was a book about Queen’s knickers which mentions a parachute inside the knickers! :-). I did not believe Bambi and said she must not talk about Queen’s knickers again.

Yesterday when we were at our local library, as Bambi and I were both looking at books to borrow, Bambi very excitedly screamed “The Queen’s Knickers! The Queen’s knickers!” As I turned my face towards Bambi to ask her to stop, I was hugely surprised by the book in Bambi’s hand. Indeed there is a book called The Queen’s Knickers!! Needless to say, we borrowed it.

I couldn’t wait to read and find out what the book was all about. The book is written by Nicholas Allan. It is about knickers and Queen is the main character of the book.  The Queen has a trunk full of knickers which goes missing one day! There is lot of chaos trying to find the trunk, which turns out, had got mixed up with a picnic hamper.  The trunk is full of royal knickers – knickers encrusted with diamonds, emeralds and rubies, knickers with parachutes inside them to rescue the Queen if in trouble, Knicker that can turn into an inflatable boat if the Queen’s ship ever sank, knickers for weddings, and knickers for parliament and for all the important occasions that the Queen attends. A little girl is looking forward to the Queen’s visit to her school and wonders what knickers would the Queen wear during the visit– fancy knicker, frilly knicker, plain knicker or silly knicker?

A very odd and super silly book but I think it does the trick – it had the young and (ahem!) the grown-up reader engaged in the book right from the cover page and had us both laughing hysterically. And now seemingly Bambi wants to meet the Queen but I hope when she meets the Queen, Bambi won’t ask her What Knickers she is wearing that day!

3 thoughts on “The Queen’s Knickers

  1. claowue May 20, 2016 / 1:03 pm

    Well, no way to meet the Queen now without having to laugh! The good thing is that I am pretty sure I will never meet her 😉
    Thanks for sharing this great story!

    • Truly Happy May 21, 2016 / 3:28 am

      Haha..yes it appears so!

      I am still wondering how can there be a book like that? How did the author come up with this piece? How did the publishing company agree to publish it? Oh well, it is what it is – a hilarious silly book!

  2. BellyBytes May 21, 2016 / 5:48 am

    I’m sure the thought will come to her mind whenever she meets the Queen! It’s amazing though what imagination the writers have to attract young minds to reading…But whatever works is good I suppose.

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