To Keep or To Give Away?


Packing Andy's toys in the moving box
Image Courtesy: Google

To keep or to give away?

June is here and we have about 8 weeks before we relocate to India. All weekends until Mid-July from now have been held reserve to meet friends and colleagues.  I finish work at the end of this month and up until now I was hoping that I could start packing from 1st of July and that it should be fine. But with commitments made to meet friends and colleagues in July and to do things that I think ‘I must do’ before I leave UK and with Bambi’s summer break at school fast approaching, I don’t think leaving packing till July would be a good idea.

So finally, during the last weekend, I decided to do some decluttering. I started off with an intention to clear off some of our boots/shoes and coats/jackets that will not be actually of much use in India. As I was pulling out each coat/jacket from the wardrobe, I was deciding whether to keep it or to give it away and thus ended up creating two piles – ‘to keep’ and ‘to give away’ pile.When I had managed to sort out all our coats/jackets, the pile for ‘giving away’ looked larger than ‘to keep’ pile.  Ideally I would have liked to keep them all but sadly I cannot be taking everything in the house with me to India. Hence the decision to keep only the absolutely necessary items and give away rest of the items.

Next I decided to sort out some of Bambi’s toys as currently there are toys everywhere in the house .The toy boxes are full of toys as a result of which these days the toys can be found in other places – in the kitchen, on the sofas, near the fireplace, on top of the beds and even in the bathroom. Hence I thought perhaps clearing some of the toys would be a good idea and that our house would also look a little neater. Bambi doesn’t play with a lot of them anyway. I had few empty cartons in the loft and I decided that toys which Bambi doesn’t play with anymore can go in there for now and later the boxes can be given away just like that.

As I was sorting out the toys I was still thinking of some of the coats that I had placed in the ‘give away’ pile and I decided to take another look at this pile to decide which ones I really didn’t need anymore. Soon I was sorting out the jackets/coats again and ended up deciding that I wanted to keep them all. I can’t give them away just yet.

Meanwhile, a certain ‘brave soldier’ had rescued few animals that were seemingly packed inside a box by a ‘Mommy’ with an intention to send them to the zoo (oh dear!). Now that they were not going to the zoo anymore, the happy animals had lined up for a running race. On your marks, get set, go…….

Running Race.pngI guess they are not ready to be given away yet. OK let’s keep them too. No doubt, this is going to be a tough decision – what to give away and what to keep?

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