Is everyday a weekend after today?

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To work or not?

It is my last day at work today. Although brief (10 months with the current team but 2 years with this company) it has been the most exciting and memorable stint. Two years ago when I joined this company I knew this was the right career move, right place and right job for me and I am glad my instincts didn’t disappoint me. I am really sad to leave this place, but when I see the excitement with which family back home is awaiting our return I know it’s the right move to make.

I do not know what is in store for me when I return to India but just like I knew I was making the right choice two years ago, I know the decision I am (we as a family are) making now is the right one. A part of me thinks perhaps I should be a stay at home Mum for next few years so that I can devote more time to Bambi and together we can make more exciting and wonderful memories. Another part of me thinks I should perhaps continue to work for another few years  and I can still spend quality time with Bambi like the way I have been doing all this time. As much as I love motherhood, I also enjoy going to work. Motherhood and my career both are a big part of who I am. So, currently I am going round in circles not being able to decide whether to stay at home or join the workforce when we go to India. One thing is certain though, either option I choose, I know I will still be  Truly Happy!

As I write this post Bambi asks me if I am doing some ‘important work on the laptop‘? I reply, “No more going to office and so no more ‘important’ work on the laptop”. Very excitedly she replies –“Is everyday a weekend after today? Can we bake cakes every day then?” . Hmm…That’s exactly what I cannot decide child.