Pretty for a hundred million days


pretty mom2
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Pretty today, tomorrow, after tomorrow and for a hundred million days!

Bambi has quite a few toothbrushes (floral, Barbie, Frozen, Peppa, Dora etc). This morning as I handed her the ‘Frozen’ toothbrush which she had been using for the past few days:

Bambi: Can I have my ‘flowery’ toothbrush today?

Me:  Maybe tomorrow?

Bambi: No, today. Because I like pretty things, don’t I?

Me: Pretty things ! like what ?

Bambi: My flowery toothbrush!

Me: Of course, the floral toothbrush! I mean What else?

Bambi: You!

Me: Me?

Bambi: Yes, you look pretty today, tomorrow, after tomorrow and for a hundred million days!

That made my day!

P.S. Preeth thinks I put those words in Bambi’s mouth. If you agree with him too  please don’t say that in the comments. Pleeeease don’t!


My little smile machine

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My little smile machine

The other day I was tidying up the house and came across Wenlock – the official mascot for 2012 London Olympics.  As Bambi saw the Olympic Mascot:

Bambi: What is that?

Me: It is Wenlock.

Bambi: Who is Windock? Does he come on TV?

Me: He is Olympic mascot….Olympic toy.

Bambi: No he cannot be OLApick toy. He is BAMBipick toy.

Me: ????

It took me a second to realize Bambi thought the Olympic Mascot belonged to her friend Ola. Of course, not! Wenlock has got to be Bambi’s.  So what if we have to call him Bambipic Mascot from now on!


As I was preparing fish for the lunch:

Bambi: ooh Fish!

Me: yes Fish! You love fish, don’t you?

Bambi: What’s his name?

Me: Sea bream.

Bambi: Silly Amma.  He is  not in the sea. He is ground bream.

Me: ????

Ah! I see, someone is getting good at learning opposite words.


Bambi and I were watching TV. After few minutes as I got up to go to kitchen:

Bambi: I want to eat Bourbon.

Me: Bourbon?

Bambi: yes, now. Can you get it for me?

Me: OK I will . But where is the magic word?

Bambi : (waving her pretend wand) Abracadabra…… Bourbbbbbbbon now!

Me: ?????

Not sure. Whose idea it was to call ‘please’ a magic word. Also not sure how kids say ‘pleeeease’ when the teacher asks ‘where is the magic word’?


Moments like these always bring a smile on my face.

A clever and busy mind

Brain,training and hurt knee
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Clever and Busy Mind

It is Bambi’s bed time. I switch off the lights and start singing a lullaby. After few minutes I notice Bambi is still wide awake staring at the glow stickers on the ceiling:

Me: Come on close your eyes now. Birds have all gone to bed and so must we.

Bambi: But I cannot sleep today.

Me: Why not?

Bambi: My brain is not switched off yet.

Me: * thinking whoa!*  What do you mean?

Bambi: I meeean my brain is still switched on.

Me: * still thinking what that means?*.  OK, shall I switch it off then?

I press Bambi’s forehead with my index finger pretending to turn a switch off.

Me: There you go, I have just turned the brain switch off for the night.

Bambi: But brain cannot be switched off like that. My brain is still on.

Me: * Thinking even harder what all this means*. Why not? What is your brain doing now?

Bambi: It is thinking of all that I did today. I played with Isha, Natalie, Gemma and Lucy today. Lucy is not Ella’s friend anymore. Can she come to our house one day? Can we have double play date? Can Isha come too? 

Me: * interrupting the yack*  OK ok… I get it now. Don’t talk. Just close your eyes tight.  

Bambi: You ruined the switch now. My brain is not thinking anymore.

Me:  Raa Ree Raa Rum O RaaRee Rum….Raa Ree Raa Rum O RaareeRum…..

Soon Bambi was fast asleep. Agree with you my child, highlights of the day come to our mind before we drift off. Sorry to have interrupted but you sure needed to sleep by then.


As Preeth and I were having our breakfast Bambi who had just finished her breakfast, wanted me to play snake and ladders with her.

Me: Let me finish my breakfast Bambi. I promise I will play with you afterwards.

Bambi: But what shall I do now?

Me: Play with some other toy.

Bambi: Which toy?

Me: Any toy. You have plenty.

Bambi: But I haven’t been trained to play alone.

Me: * Silence*


Bambi had a fall in the playground and hurt her knee. Thankfully she was alright. Few minutes later:

Bambi: I think my knee is fractured. I need a cast. Will you draw on my cast? Will my friends draw on my cast?

Me: You are fine. There isn’t a fracture.

Bambi: There is! See *points to her knee*

Me: nah…it’s not a fracture. I can give you an icepack when we get home.

Bambi: It is a fracture. It isssss. See how red my knee is?

Me: No it  isn’t red.

Bambi: It is.

Me: Where?

Bambi: It is a different red. Only I can see it!

Me: * Yeah right!*



Monster Mommy Tales

You look like a wet monster
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As I was washing my face to remove makeup:

Bambi: You look like a wet monster Amma!

Me: A wet monster? What’s that?

Bambi: It means a monster. When she is wet!


As I was oiling my hair:

Bambi: Why are you putting perfume on your head?

Me: It’s hair oil, not perfume.

Bambi: Why are you putting hair oil on your head?

Me: So that I can have long and healthy hair.

Bambi: I want long hair! Can I have some hair oil too, pleeeeeease?

Me: *applies some oil to Bambi’s hair*

Bambi: Will my brain grow now?

Me: No, no, Not brain, your hair.

Bambi: *pointing to her scalp* Look at my brain.

Me: *pointing to my scalp* look that’s my hair not brain.

Bambi: Maybe you don’t have a brain then!


As I was trying to reverse the car into our drive way and struggled a bit at that:

Bambi: Daddies are good at parking car.

Me:  *silence*

Bambi: Mummies are not so good at parking car.

Me: *silence*

Bambi: Parking car is Anna’s (dad’s) talent.

Me: *silence*

Bambi: You need to take some parking lessons.

Me: ok

Bambi: I can ask Anna to teach you to park the car properly.

Me: Look I just parked the car! I don’t need parking lessons anymore, do I?

Bambi: Yes, you do. Because you are still not good at it!


Thanks,kid! I still love you!

A Real phone and A cup for kitten and Mummy’s big tummy

Conversation with Bambi
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Can I have a phone? A cup for kitten. Can you eat less?

Bambi: Amma, can I have a phone please? Not a toy phone. A real phone, MY phone.

Me: Of course you can, but when you grow up.

Bambi: I am a grown-up already!

Me: You need to be as old as Amy (our neighbor) to have a phone.

Bambi: I am as old as Amy, aren’t I?

Me:  I meant you need to be in SECONDARY school.

Bambi: But I am in THIRDARY school! I need a phone. A REAL phone!


As I hand out Bambi’s homework sheet to her which has three words: Kitten, Cup, Pan and the respective pictures. Task is to write the word corresponding to the picture in the blank space next to the picture.

Me: Here you go, write neatly ok?

Bambi: Ok, I am very good at writing neatly!

After few minutes I see Bambi has written the words cup and pan appropriately next to the corresponding pictures but next to the kitten’ picture she has written cup.

Me: Can we read aloud what you have written?

Bambi (pointing to the pictures): Cup, Pan and …. (a brief pause as she looks at the word cup next to kitten)

Me: uh..oh, What happened there? 

Bambi: That’s a Cup. A cup for the kitten to drink milk!

I like the quick thinking!


Bambi (pointing to my belly): Is there a baby in your tummy?

Me: No, there isn’t!

Bambi: Then why is it growing bigger and bigger?

Me: *Silence*

Bambi (touching my belly): I think there is a baby in there.

Me: That’s perhaps Pizza and cakes. 

Bambi: Did you eat lots of it?

Me: Yea…h kind of. 

Bambi: Can you eat less? There is no space in there for my brother and sister.

Ok, ok I get it. It’s high time I did something to reduce.