Friend feels better, Bambi feels better


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Friend feels better, Bambi feels better too

On Saturday evening, we had been to Bambi’s friend Neha’s house. Few other kids (Bambi’s friends) and their parents were there too.  At one point when the kids were all playing in the garden, Neha tripped over a ball and hurt her knees. She came running to her mum crying. I noticed that Bambi followed Neha  and she was trying to comfort Neha. As Bambi rubbed Neha’s knee she said, “Neha, I never cry when I fall down, because I am brave. I know you are brave too. Brave girls don’t cry”. Neha continued to cry but Bambi was figuring out ways to cheer her up. How about watching Peppa Pig? How about playing Buckaroo? How about an ice pack? Neha agreed for the icepack which her Mum got her. Soon Neha was feeling better and so was Bambi! Both of them went back to the garden and they were playing once again with rest of their friends.

I was quite touched to see Bambi’s concern for her friend. The ability to understand and be sensitive to other people’s feelings is a great quality. This comes naturally to Bambi but I want to foster this further so that she continues to grow up to be a kind hearted person. I realise I cannot do this without demonstrating empathy myself. As the saying goes, empathy is caught, not taught. As a first step, I am going to make conscious efforts to control my temperament. This kind, caring and compassionate child of mine teaches me so many valuable life lessons everyday. Thank you Bambi, my heart melts with love for you my precious child.