View from the corner

 This post is part of A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter V, I am choosing View from the corner .

coffee shop
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A to Z Challenge April 2016:  V for View from the corner 

Currently I am sitting in a coffee shop near my work place with a hot chocolate and my laptop.  I get a good view from my corner seat at the shop and by views I am not referring to beautiful views of nature but just the view of the tables/sofas/booths in the shop. Basically while I am waiting for my colleague to turn up I am doing some people watching and also writing my post for the A to Z challenge. My colleague will turn up only after an hour though. This is because I have come to the shop an hour before our scheduled meeting time so as to take a break from work and also to reserve this corner place.  The shop is very busy and is full of opportunities for people watching, gaining inspiration or possibly overcoming a writer’s block!

  •  On the sofa in the corner opposite me is a bloke with a laptop. Between correcting his glasses and sipping away his coffee he is typing aggressively. I assume he is a writer because he seems to be thinking a lot. Yet he is fairly relaxed and it appears as if he has got the whole day for himself and as if he has no other commitments. Every now and then though he is looking around and then getting back to his typing. Perhaps he is also writing a blog post??
  •  On the sofa opposite me is a lady who just entered the shop few minutes ago. As she keeps hangs her jacket and settles on the sofa, she rings someone and I can hear her tell, “I hit luck y and got the comfy seats by the window. See you soon”. That makes me smile as I realize I am not the only one who likes to reach coffee shops early to reserve a nice place.
  • Then there are two young mums with their little babies in the pram. Probably they have just returned from a playgroup or stroll in the park. One of the babies is sleeping but the other one is awake. He is trying to get hold of the pram toy with his little feet. I can’t believe how good as gold are the two babies. The mums are chatting away happily.
  • Few tables away from me are two gentlemen with suits and ties. Besides their coffees and Panini they have a laptop with a PowerPoint presentation loaded, iPhones and few business papers on the table. They are probably discussing some strategy or a big contract. Honestly speaking, I think they should do this in their office instead of the coffee shop. It looks as if they have got the whole office to the coffee shop.
  • At the table next to mine is a young girl (perhaps a student) with her apple device. She has got ear phones on and in between what seems like an assignment or project report that she is typing, she takes pictures of her coffee, the scrumptious brownie and a selfie. Perhaps she will share it on social media next.
  • Two very adorable elderly couple have arrived few minutes ago and they have occupied the table diagonally opposite me. When they arrived, the old man pulled out the chair for the old lady to sit. He then took her walking stick and along with his walking stick placed them leaning on to the wall next to their table. Then he sat down too. As they wait for their order they are simply observing the surroundings. I look at them and they look at me and they give me the most charming smile. It has just brightened my day!
  • I also take a look at all the baristas in the shop. They all seem like a very happy bunch. Between taking and shouting orders over all the noise in the shop, preparing the drink, heating the toasties/paninis, serving and clearing the cups, they are also having little chats and laughs with each other. One Barista catches my attention more than the rest of them. She probably just served the grumpiest customer of the day (a very arrogant business guy who couldn’t decide what he wanted in the first place and then didn’t have the patience to wait as his drink was being made and finally just snagged his drink and left the place without a smile).But the barista is still smiling and greeting the next customer with a genuine friendly smile and ‘can I help?’
  • On the far end of the shop in one of the corner tables are two middle aged ladies chatting. I cannot hear what they are speaking but I can gather that one of them is sharing her worries with the other who is listening very patiently and I presume she is also giving some advice. From her body language it appears as if she is saying, “don’t worry, everything is going to be fine’. Whatever that she is saying appears quite reassuring to me and that leaves me thinking there is hope in this world.

And just like that I spend about an hour tucked away into the corner of this small coffee shop watching people, their interactions, body language and activities and of course filing away my observations; my view from the corner ….






This post is part of A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter N, I am choosing Nothing. 


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A to Z Challenge April 2016:  N for Nothing

As I sit with a blank document open, ready to type a post, nothing comes to my mind today. By nothing I mean nothing specific for the challenge. But my mind is filled with several thoughts and I think I will release those random thoughts here today:

  • When I signed up for the A to Z challenge (just couple of days before the challenge), I had no idea what I was going to write about in my otherwise quiet blog. I am so glad I took up the challenge because it has allowed me to make a new start and more importantly, the challenge has given me an opportunity to write all those things about Bambi that I have wanted to store here but never found time to write before. Writing for the challenge, I have realized that it is possible to take some time out for blogging from my busy life. I plan to write at least one post a week after the challenge.
  • Almost all my posts for the challenge have been about Bambi. This confirms that my world revolves around Bambi. Lately one of my close friends has distanced herself from me. I realise this is mainly because I talk only about Bambi and nothing else. No worries, going forward I will spare this friend the news from my little world. Sharing little and big things from my little world with my blog is any day better than sharing them with a disinterested friend.
  • Earlier this week we informed Bambi’s school of our intent to leave the UK. Bambi’s teachers were sad that she wasn’t going to continue with them from the next academic year. Listening to the class teacher talk about the amazing progress that Bambi has made over the last year and how much she has blossomed, I got very emotional and broke down crying, which I hadn’t expected. The fact that we were taking Bambi out of a school that we dreamed of sending her to even before she had learned to walk and talk was a bit hard to digest.
  • On Friday, Preeth informed people at his workplace about our relocation plan. Preeth is a very valued member of his team and his colleagues are all very sad that he is leaving. They are trying to come up with options to keep him. It feels nice to know that your employer and colleagues love you so much and Preeth is quite touched by his colleagues’ kindness.
  • I will be informing my colleagues on Monday about my intent to leave. I was meant to do that on Friday but just couldn’t get myself to do it. I do not know how I am going to break the news but I’ll have to do it on Monday. I will try not to break down this time.
  • I recently read a ‘bestselling’ book (published last year) by a ‘best-selling’ author in Bangalore and I have decided I am not going to read her future books including her latest book. Reasons twofold – Firstly, I didn’t like the author’s style of writing. Secondly, I spotted few errors in the book. Quite a few errors actually, which I think is bad coming from a bestselling author. Perhaps the author and her publishers were busy preparing for her next book that this book got neglected. By the way, how do authors come to being called as best sellers? I see many blogger turned authors calling themselves best-selling authors. Few of them deserve that title but the one who I read, I don’t think deserves to be called best-selling author. Anyway, good luck to the author and her future ‘best selling’ books which I hope will be error free.
  • Bambi and I made some Lemon crinkle Cookies today. They were awesome. Crunchy, little cakey yet chewy and melting in the mouth. I tried it for the first time today and I will definitely be making them again in future. Thinking about them, I want to eat one now. Ok, as soon as I publish this post.
  • I just realised my thoughts about the bestselling author above is bit nasty. I should probably ignore the errors I spotted in the book and just appreciate the author’s work and creativity. It is no mean feat writing 5 best-selling books.
  • Bambi had been asking for a bell for her little bike (although she cannot ride it independently yet) since many days. Finally Preeth bought her a bell today. In the afternoon she spent some time in the garden pushing the bike with her feet and clinking the bell. She was happy and that made me happy as well.
  • I want to go for shopping tomorrow. I have couple of gift vouchers that I’d like to use. I am particularly looking forward to using the voucher from Mac that friends from previous workplace gave me. I love make up and cosmetics. I’d love to buy a nice red lipstick from Mac tomorrow.

I’m still thinking about the lemon cookies. So that’s enough of non-specific random thoughts for today.  And here’s a picture of our lemon crinkle cookies.

Lemon Crinkle Cookies.png
Lemon Crinkle Cookies