Joy of gardening and few happy moments

Happy Moments

On Monday evening Bambi brought home a tiny pot of cress seeds that she had planted at the school that day. Now, I have never been a keen gardener but this tiny pot has brought so much joy to me this week that I have been feeding, nurturing and loving this plant with as much excitement as Bambi. We have been checking the plant together first thing in the mornings and in the evenings as soon as we return home. I never imagined gardening could bring so much joy. Not just a fun activity to do with Bambi but this mini gardening activity has also given me an opportunity to learn the beauty of nature, appreciate life and sustenance and an overall feeling of accomplishment. I have been in high spirits all of this week.

Then there were few other things that also brought lots of happiness:

  • We had been to one of Bambi’s friends’ birthday party. We were late to the party but as soon as we reached the party, a group of kids who were all very delighted to see Bambi came running to us and took Bambi by hand to involve her in their games. Since many days Bambi had been saying that she has ‘many’ best friends and during the party I realized it was true. Bambi played with all the kids at the party. It was a lovely sight and a great feeling to know Bambi is loved so much by all her friends.
  • At the party I met one of Bambi’s friends’ Dad whom I have seen at the school several times before but had never had the opportunity to speak. During our conversation he mentioned he thought of Bambi as a very special child who is loving and caring and always happy and full of energy. He also added that he admired the beautiful bond that Bambi and I share! This has got to be the greatest compliment ever and I shall remember this for a long long time. I am so so happy to hear this and I hope that Bambi is always  happy and our bond continues to grow deeper and becomes more special in the days to come.
  • Bambi finally learnt to push her bike this week ! Yay ! This is a great achievement considering how long Bambi has taken to learn to push the pedals and get going. Until few weeks ago she was pushing the pedal backwards which meant the bike wasn’t going anywhere. So you can see how happy I am, now that Bambi can ride her bike. On Tuesday evening she rode the bike from home to park and back. It was a pleasure to run alongside Bambi as she was cycling and humming rhymes.
  • Also, this week Bambi finally began to eat all her meals by herself without us feeding her like a baby. We had been getting Bambi to do this for a while now but we had not had any luck so far as Bambi used to either leave the dining table and go off to play or just play with the food and cutlery and eat nothing at all. As a result we used to feed her like a baby and this used to be very time consuming and meal times were nothing less than patience tests. So I couldn’t be happier when Bambi agreed to eat by herself Phew!
  • On Friday evening we went to Bambi’s best friend’s house after work. Two other kids from Bambi’s school also came there with their parents. Kids played with each other very well and had a great time and grown-ups also had a great time chatting away. It was a perfect way to end a busy week and start the weekend.

Overall it has been a great week. During the weekend we planted few more seeds and this gardening activity has reminded me of the time when I was about 6-7 years old and as part of a project in school we had to plant some seeds ( Moong beans: Green Gram) and learn about sprouts. But I don’t really recall a whole lot about this activity and that’s why doing it all over again with Bambi makes me so happy, because in certain ways, I am reliving my own childhood.