The Little Doctor

The Little Doctor.png

A young patient with chicken pox and a young smiling doctor

Lately Bambi has been saying she wants to be a doctor like Preeth when she grows up. Yesterday she drew this picture of a sick child  with chicken pox  and herself as doctor attending to the sick child.

I am impressed with the drawing and the details that Bambi has captured – Sick child ( she knows dad looks after sick children), facial expressions ( *:( sad for the patient, *:) happy for the doctor), chicken pox( recently there was an outbreak of chicken pox in her school). It is good to note Bambi is aware of what is going on around her. I notice a yellow blanket for the patient too. On asking why sunshine, she replied, “sunshine makes me happy”.  I bet, sunshine will help Bambi’s patient feel better too.

As for Bambi’s ambition to be a doctor which possibly will change tomorrow, all I can wish for is that Bambi gets a good education, becomes well rounded and her best self having fun doing what she likes doing best.