The Kind Cathy Caterpillar

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Cathy Caterpillar


Idea:  (Prompt): Oak Tree

Dictated by: The Little Author (Bambi).

Written by: Mum (Yours Truly) just as dictated.

Me: Once upon a time there was a big Oak tree.

Bambi: On the tree lived a tiny caterpillar. She was called Cathy Caterpillar.

Me: One day she saw a large leaf and thought, ” Ooh! A lovely big leaf! I can munch on it all day.”

Bambi: Nooo, Cathy was a kind Caterpillar. She didn’t munch on Mr Oak’s leaves. 

Me: What did she eat then?

Bambi: Only fruits and vegetables.

Me: But the Oak tree doesn’t have fruits and vegetables.

Bambi: That’s why Cathy moved house. 

Me: Where to? Tesco?

Bambi: No, Cathy moved to the Caterpillar World.

Me: Caterpillar world! Hmm.. Interesting! What’s that?

Bambi: In the Caterpillar World there are lots of vegetables and fruits. So Caterpillars don’t have to eat leaves from the trees. 

Me: (wondering what next) 

Bambi: Cathy ate lots of fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch in her cocoon and soon she became a beautiful butterfly. 

Me: Great!

Bambi: One morning she went back to the Oak tree and laid an egg on a leaf. After many days a tiny caterpillar came out of that egg. Her name was Rosie. She was also kind like her Mommy. So she went to the Caterpillar World. Her family was happy to see her.  THE END


Nice to note transformation of the Caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly and beyond. Thanks to Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Once we were done with the story, I thought I could get Bambi to do some painting and so suggested:

Me: How about you illustrating your story now? 

Bambi: Can you please ask Axel Scheffler* to do that?  This story is written by Bambi & Amma BUT Illustrated by Axel Scheffler. 

Me : 😀  😀


*Axel Scheffler is a popular Children’s books’ Illustrator.