My little smile machine

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My little smile machine

The other day I was tidying up the house and came across Wenlock – the official mascot for 2012 London Olympics.  As Bambi saw the Olympic Mascot:

Bambi: What is that?

Me: It is Wenlock.

Bambi: Who is Windock? Does he come on TV?

Me: He is Olympic mascot….Olympic toy.

Bambi: No he cannot be OLApick toy. He is BAMBipick toy.

Me: ????

It took me a second to realize Bambi thought the Olympic Mascot belonged to her friend Ola. Of course, not! Wenlock has got to be Bambi’s.  So what if we have to call him Bambipic Mascot from now on!


As I was preparing fish for the lunch:

Bambi: ooh Fish!

Me: yes Fish! You love fish, don’t you?

Bambi: What’s his name?

Me: Sea bream.

Bambi: Silly Amma.  He is  not in the sea. He is ground bream.

Me: ????

Ah! I see, someone is getting good at learning opposite words.


Bambi and I were watching TV. After few minutes as I got up to go to kitchen:

Bambi: I want to eat Bourbon.

Me: Bourbon?

Bambi: yes, now. Can you get it for me?

Me: OK I will . But where is the magic word?

Bambi : (waving her pretend wand) Abracadabra…… Bourbbbbbbbon now!

Me: ?????

Not sure. Whose idea it was to call ‘please’ a magic word. Also not sure how kids say ‘pleeeease’ when the teacher asks ‘where is the magic word’?


Moments like these always bring a smile on my face.



This post is part of A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter X, I am choosing X -Factor.

Be yourself.pngA to Z Challenge April 2016:  X for X- Factor

One of my friends has won a beauty pageant in the US recently. Not only the big title but she has also bagged few other titles under the categories – Ms Popular, Ms Congenial, and Ms Talented. Wow! That’s Amazing! Her facebook page is flooded with ‘likes’ and congratulatory messages. Upon news of her victory the first thing that came to my mind was that she truly deserves this because I always knew she ‘had something in her’.  I remember, back in our school days whenever I used to see her I used to think she was different, she had something indescribable in her. Now I realize that ‘something’ was her “X Factor”.

So what is this X-Factor? It is hard to describe but it is something that makes you unique, something that makes you stand out, and something that grabs people’s attention. It is something that you recognize when you see it and that which inspires you and fascinates you. It is a combination of self-confidence and how you carry yourself.  Good looks, intelligence, wit and talent are an added bonus.

Do only certain people have X-Factor? My answer is NO. I think every person has an X factor but most of us live our lives without finding it; without realizing it. If we breakdown this elusive indescribable quality called X factor into actionable characteristics and behaviors, we will see that everyone possesses those qualities. Think of any person you know of that has a charisma, X factor to be precise. Next think of some of their qualities that you admire. I bet most of us will think of their confidence, passion, energy, and great communication skills. If you observe carefully, you will realize that at the centre of all these qualities is self-confidence.  If you are not confident within yourself, then you cannot carry it with you and certainly it won’t be visible to others. Therefore, believe in yourself and translate that into your X factor.



This post is part of A to Z Challenge for April 2016. For letter R, I am choosing Relocation.


A to Z Challenge April 2016:  R for Relocation

The biggest thing on my mind these days is our relocation plan. The plan was conceived exactly a year ago on our 10th anniversary when I had asked Preeth, relocating to India as my gift.

12 years ago when Preeth and I first met, Preeth had been living in the UK for about 5 years then. I was living in India and had never travelled abroad. It was Preeth’s higher education that initially brought him to the UK and later it was his job that kept him in the UK. Marriage brought me to UK and 11 years have passed by since. However, Preeth and I have always wanted to return to India for good.

And so, exactly a year ago, we committed ourselves to return back to India this year. From that day onwards, we have really only been working towards this goal. First and foremost Preeth started looking for a job in India. We were lucky that he was able to find a nice job pretty much straight away. I have been enhancing my experience, knowledge and skills so as to shape my career to make it attractive to prospective employers in India. We started looking for schools for Bambi too and we are glad that she has got admission in a good school. So, big things all sorted. Still a plenty of other things remain to be sorted out .

I finally handed in my resignation to my boss yesterday. It was quite hard for me because if it was not for relocation, I would not have quit this job so soon. Strangely, instead of feeling happy and liberated because relocating to India is what I have really ever wanted, I feel quite sad and emotional. The reality has only just sunk in and I hope we have taken the right decision. Afterall, we are giving up an entire life, a well settled life, built here in the UK to start a new life in India.

The 3 month countdown to relocation has begun and there is an awful lot to do: Shutting down everything here and starting up fresh in India. I hope all goes well. I plan to start a relocation chronicle in the following weeks.  For now, I will call it a day.



Pain has no wings

bruised knee
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” Only birds can fly”

Bambi bumped her knee against the sofa few days ago while playing and came up to me wincing. To relieve her pain, like I do usually, I kissed her knee and in turn expected her to say that the pain has disappeared. But Bambi still complained of pain. Next, I rubbed her knee gently and then blew some air and said the pain flew away. While I assumed that would definitely work, Bambi replied, ‘’ Silly Amma, pain has no wings. Only birds can fly’’. 😀


Image courtesy Google
Image courtesy Google

                                                        ‘Ajjo is smiling ”                                                                                                                                …

It has been 19 months since Anna (as I call my dad) passed away. Yet not a single day passes by when I don’t think of Anna.  Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I see is Anna’s picture on my phone and wish that he was still around. Had fate not played such a cruel game with Anna’s life, this day he would have been 62. Yes it is Dad’s birthday today. I have been missing him terribly since the last few days.  Secretly I have been wishing that at least in my dreams he pays me a visit and alleviates all my worries with his smile.

This morning a very strange thing happened. I was giving Bambi a shower. While she was loudly singing ‘down by the jungle where nobody goes’, I was lost in some thoughts. All of a sudden Bambi asked me if I was sad.  I was quite surprised to notice that Bambi could so clearly read my mind even though she is so little. What followed next will be etched in my mind forever and I so badly wanted to document it here.

So, when Bambi asked me if I was sad, I replied that indeed I was sad. But I did not mention the reason why I was sad. Of course,  Bambi wasn’t pleased to hear that Mummy is sad and she tried to cheer me up by saying repeatedly, ‘’ Amma smile. Smile Amma.’’  To please her, I pretended to smile and she was back to her nonstop chatter again. A little later as I was dressing her up, out of nowhere, she said to me, “Ajjo (as she calls my Dad) is smiling at us from the window”. I was really really shocked to hear that and to check if I had heard it right, I asked her to repeat what she just said and once again Bambi said, “ Ajjo is smiling at us from the window’’. She then went on to insist that she wanted to call Ajjo. I somehow distracted her but since then I have been thinking about that. How and why did Bambi come up with that? Perhaps she too felt Anna’s presence around, just as I do.

Happy birthday Anna! Keep smiling!!!! Love you always!!!!!

The Baby Moon That Grew UP

Image: Courtesy Google
Image: Courtesy Google

The Moon’s smiling at me,

The Moon’s coming home with us

The moon’s not a baby any more

The Moon’s ‘Bbbbigggg’ and upside down 

A while ago, on one Sunday evening Bambi and I were playing the ‘identify the object’ game where I was drawing some objects and Bambi had to identify them. After the usual house, bird and flower diagrams, I drew a circle and she identified it as ‘moooon’. Little later I drew a half moon and wondered if Bambi would still call it a moon but she left me wonderstruck by calling it “ A Baby Moon’’! She was about 2 years and a bit then.

Another time, one winter evening as we were driving back home from a birthday party, I remember Bambi being overjoyed at the sight of moon and I also vividly remember Bambi saying, ‘’ The moon’s coming home with us’’ !!

There was another time when Preeth, Bambi and I were on our evening walk and Bambi pointed to the moon in the sky and said to us, ‘’ The Moon’s smiling at meee’’. Then she began to run around and see if the moon was following her everywhere and when she found out it did, she began to leap up to catch the moon.

So, you see, Bambi has always been fascinated by the moon. Whenever we are out on walks she looks at the sky to find the moon and on days that she cannot see the moon, she tells us that the moon is perhaps hiding behind the clouds :-).

These days as the sun sets very early, by the time I finish work and collect Bambi from her nursery, it is very dark. Despite having a long day at the nursery and skipping the afternoon naps Bambi is very active and chats non-stop. During our walk from the nursery to bus stop, Last week almost every evening we saw the moon (crescent shaped in varying phases) in the sky and Bambi waved bye to the moon. Last Friday though I was quite amazed by what Bambi told me when she saw the moon – “ Look, the moon is not a baby any more”. To probe her reasoning further I asked her why she thinks so and instantly came her reply, “ He is ‘bigggg’ today”. Indeed, the moon was not crescent shaped that day but not entirely circular either. A bit oval shaped rather and so I asked Bambi what shape was the moon that day and she replied, ‘’ He is upside down’’!!  Oh the little mind…….

Getting Started

Image Courtesy Google
Image Courtesy Google
Ready, Steady, Go…..

It’s a little over a year since I started this blog. All this while I have always wanted to write and document the several things that have been going on in our lives. And yet, this page has nothing more than an introduction. Why is that so?

The reason why I have not progressed anywhere beyond choosing a layout and design of this blog is because I have a problem. A big problem actually – how to justify thoughts with words? what will people think of my writing? Will they consider me silly or boring? Will they feel connected with me? And there is a reason why I feel this way.  I do not have confidence in my abilities to express my thoughts with words. I have been lurking around in the blog world for a very long time now. It amazes me to no end how some people write so beautifully about little things in their lives. There are times when I read some blogs and find myself nodding my head and thinking, ” this has happened to me, this is so true, are you talking about me? so on and so forth. Basically the experiences of these writers seem to resonate with mine. This leaves me thinking, how do they do it?  Often those writers would be writing about little things going on in their lives but it is their way with the words that make such simple things appear extraordinary and they succeed in striking a chord with their readers. There exactly begins my problem. I feel I can never do justice to my thoughts like how these wonderful bloggers do. And that is what holds me back from writing and expressing myself.

Then there were few occasions when I thought of putting behind these fears and just making a start. During such times ”the starting trouble” held me back – Where to start from? How to start?

But today, I believe I have found a solution to my worries about filling these pages. This morning, over phone I caught up with a friend who I had not spoken to in many months. When I came off the phone, it just occurred to me – if I can update someone over phone about highlights of my life, why not update my blog? After all, it has been a year since I caught up with this page too.  As for my fears/lack of confidence in my writing abilities, I think I should remind myself that this is my personal space and I must write what I want to write. More importantly, I must write for myself.  Perhaps it will also help if I tell myself just like how I do with other things ” Pia, just be yourself ’’.

Ah! Here it is – a blog post! This could be a start of the rest of my blogging journey. I am excited :-).